Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gluten Free Maple Butter Cookies

By golly these are quite excellent. It is as if you are eating the tastiest sugar cookies ever. There is so much love for your tastebuds in each one of the mostly circular creation. The raw sugar definitely adds to it. Only a couple downfalls I found with these cookies, but they can be fixed for the next time. I overcooked both batches, but the second more than the first causing two batches of crunchy cookies (this simply comes from tending to the burning charcoals outside; see photo, they were my personal fireworks). Also next time I will put less sugar in the raw on them. I really liked them, but just a little bit on tops seems perfect and the other tastes will have an even bigger chance to shine. Plus it is always nice to cut down on calories! After buying the ingredients, I realized that this is a slightly more expensive recipe if you do not have them in your kitchen. Luckily for me, I was able to raid mum's pantries for the items needed (ie xanthan gum ($16 a bag), & the other dry ingredients). The maple butter was found at Ellwood Thompson's (insert website) for $9.92 for a 9oz. jar (insert photo). No where else had it in stock. Kroger had almond maple butter, though it's delicious, it is not as creamy or heavenly as the maple butter itself. Other purchases included sugar in the raw, and rice based flour. So, while I will be able to use the ingredients at least one more time (minus the maple butter), the initial cost caught me by surprise. Perhaps I will have my sister, the coupon queen, to find me some coupons.... Also, many thanks to (insert blog) for the delicious recipe.


We look forward to seeing and hearing your gluten free baking and cooking stories, so send away!

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